Madison Ewing

Corps De Ballet


Monument, Colorado

Joined BSA:

Madison began dancing when she was nine years old at the Ballet Society of Colorado Springs. She continued her training at A Time To Dance Colorado when she was 17 and also began her training there as a dance teacher. In competitions, she received awards from the Denver Ballet Guild and Youth America Grand Prix, placing as a top finalist in both. In 2014, she joined State Street Ballet as a trainee where she had the opportunity to perform the parts of the Paquita Principal and the Symphony in C 1st Movement Principal.

In 2015, Madison joined Nevada Ballet Theatre. Highlight’s of her time at Nevada Ballet Theatre were collaborating with Cirque Du Soleil; performing in Serenade and Slaughter on Tenth Avenue; portraying an Evil Stepsister in Cinderella, the Spring Fairy in The Nutcracker, the Black Pirate Girl in Jorden Morris’ Peter Pan, and dancing in the Corps de Ballet of Swan Lake, staged by Cynthia Gregory.

In 2019, Madison toured with the Zikr Dance Ensemble in their performances of Oracle, and later in the year, she joined Ballet San Antonio where she has performed in Brian Enos’ Alice in Wonderland, The Nutcracker, and Edwaard Liang’s Romeo and Juliet.

Get to know Madison

If you were not a dancer, what would you be doing? Writing novels. I love to write short stories and I have a very vivid imagination. I often feel I can express myself better in dance and the written word than through talking.

What is the best career advice have you received? Something my mother, who is a former dancer, would always tell me is “The worst they can say is ‘no’.” That sounds pretty dismal, but those words helped me by pushing me into uncomfortable situations. Every time I would think that an audition or competition was over my head and I wanted to play it safe by going the easy way, she would always say those words to me and it would help me realize that while putting yourself out there is always risky, the worst thing that could happen isn’t really that bad and it’s better to try and not make the cut than to never try and wonder.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Two places: New Zealand, because that’s where they filmed Lord of the Rings and I would love to visit the film sites and pretend like I’m in the movie (I’m a nerd when it comes to LOTR), and Italy because I would love to immerse myself in the architecture of Rome, the landscapes of Tuscany, the vibrant culture of Naples, and of course, Italian food!