Our Members

The Allegro Circle and Petit Allegro members are the elite collective creating dance momentum in San Antonio.

Members enjoy an array of benefits connecting them to the artists that bring dance to life in the community whose support makes it happen.


Carla and John Brozovich
Laura Clifford
Friends of Ballet San Antonio
Joe and Arnold Pacetti
Hunter and Epitacio Resendez
Elise Boyan
Frank Morrill
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Lawton
Laura Moorman
Evin Eubanks and Mark Rose
Gerald Schulz
Jason Warman


Pamela Crutchfield

Brandy Czar
Joe Loomis
David Tawil
Karen Lee and David Zachry
Barbara Beebe
Erin Bertolini
Jessica Bryand
Frederica and Marty Kushner
Greg Ragsdale
Elise Barker
Vincent Fonseca
Ruth Frederick
Phyllis and Steve Ingram
Sara M. Lowe
Richard Anthony Martinez
Marissa Mata
George Pedraza
Dr. David Valdez
Tanya Winch