Students develop self-discipline, teamwork skills, and confidence through a curated curriculum designed for each age group to excel in a nurturing environment.

Our students will have the opportunity to see firsthand, the life of a professional dancer as they train in the same facility with Ballet San Antonio. Their experience is enhanced by observing artists’ classes and rehearsals.

Students will also have the option of auditioning for our productions at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts and others, where they can perform alongside the professional dancers of Ballet San Antonio.


SBSA’s method will be based on the French Curriculum emphasizing alignment, musicality, and sound techniques. This is to accommodate the rigor and demand for most body types and ability in order to be the most inclusive.


Introduce the joy of ballet to your future dancer with a strong foundation of technique and a sound curriculum. No experience necessary.

Primary (Ages 3-7) – This level incorporates floor-work and introduces students to music and movement. Emphasis on rhythm, coordination, spatial awareness, and creativity. Classes are divided by age in order to accommodate the developmental stage of the students and meet once a week for one hour.

Level I (Ages 8-9) – This level focuses on building a solid foundation in ballet technique, emphasizing proper posture, placement and alignment. Classes focus on the basic ballet positions, ballet vocabulary, musicality, and improvised movement to foster creativity and expression. Classes meet twice a week for 1.25 hours.

Level I (Ages 10+)This level is for students with no prior ballet training. Classes focus on building a solid foundation in ballet technique, emphasizing proper posture, placement and alignment, the basic ballet positions, ballet vocabulary, and musicality, and creative expression. Classes meet twice a week for 1.25 hours.

Classes that pave the path to becoming a professional requires a nurturing environment and well-rounded instruction. Placement required.

Level II (Based on Placement) – This level builds on the skills and vocabulary mastered in Level I and Level I-A. Classes aim to strengthen technique, stamina, and concentration. Pre-pointe and Pointe work are introduced at this level. Classes meet three to four times a week for 1.5 hours.

Level III (Based on Placement) – This level builds on previous ballet experience by increasing the intricacy of combinations at the barre and center work, pointe work, big jumps, and coda with potential partnering time. This level begins to challenge repetition and retention. Ballet technique classes meet four to five times a week for 1.5 hours and includes Pointe work three times a week.

Designed with the ballet enthusiast in mind. Learn the technical ballet terms, while strengthening your body, increase coordination, and learn movement quailty. 

Adult Ballet – This class is designed for all dance enthusiasts ages 18+ with little to no previous ballet training and knowledge of ballet vocabulary. The class focuses on technical strength, coordination, and movement quality.

Cross-train or become a Modern master by expanding into total freedom of body movement and expression. 

This class incorporates various techniques, including, but not limited to, Horton, Limon, and Bartenieff Fundamentals. The class emphasizes the use of breath in harmony with movement as students explore time, space, and energy.

The ideal class for beginners, to begin learning and developing the basic tap technique. The perfect class to improve on rhythm and musicality.

This class focuses on rhythm, basic tap skills, tap terminology, and coordination.  Fundamental music concepts are paired with tap exercises to foster dance dynamics. The course aims to build students’ confidence and provide a solid foundation to enhance individual artistry.


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