Alexandra Carey

Corps de Ballet
Ballet San Antonio
School of Ballet San Antonio

Mission Viejo, California

Joined BSA:

Alexandra Carey began training at age six at Laguna Dance Theatre in Mission Viejo, California. She spent ten years there, working and training with dancers from around the world. In 2017, she joined San Francisco Ballet School where she performed in Helgi Tommason’s The Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker.  

She spent a year as a trainee with Los Angeles Ballet where she was a part of ballets including Balanchine’s Western Symphony, Serenade and Bournonville’s La Sylphide. Alexandra joined Eugene Ballet as an aspirant in 2019 where she performed in productions created by Toni Pimble and Suzanne Haag. She joined Ballet San Antonio in 2022 as a member of the Corps de Ballet.  

With Ballet San Antonio, she has performed in Conny Mathöt’s, Cinderella, Easton and Haley Smith’s, The Nutcracker, and Brian Enos’, Alice in Wonderland.  

Get to know Alexandra

When did you start dancing, and why?

I started dancing when I was six years old. My parents decided to enroll my sister and me in classes when we were young because that type of movement and coordination is so important. 

What inspires you to be a professional dancer?

I am constantly motivated by those around me. There is so much talent in this company, and I want to live up to that. 

Why did you choose BSA, and for some both BSA-SBSA?

I chose Ballet San Antonio because our director, Sofiane Sylve, has so much knowledge, and I want to learn everything I can from her. Since being here, she and other dancers have shared so much information that continues to inspire me to be better.