Logan Acker

Corps de Ballet
San Antonio

Greenville, South Carolina

Joined BSA:

Promoted to Corps de Ballet in 2023

Logan Acker began her dance training for 14 years under the direction of Vlada Kysselova at International Ballet in Greenville, South Carolina. In 2022, she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of South Carolina and South Carolina Honors College. While in the University of South Carolina Dance Company, she had the opportunity to perform featured roles in works by George Balanchine, José Limón, Jerome Robbins, and in Les Sylphides. She has also attended summer intensives at the School of American Ballet and on scholarship with Chautauqua Institution, Cincinnati Ballet, and BalletMet.

She joined Ballet San Antonio under the direction of Sofiane Sylve for the 2022-2023 season as an apprentice. She has had the opportunity to perform various soloist and corps roles in Conny Mathôt’s, Cinderella, Easton and Haley Smith’s, The Nutcracker, and Brian Enos’, Alice in Wonderland. She was promoted to Corps de Ballet for the 2023-2024 season.


When did you start dancing, and why?

I started dancing when I was four years old. My grandma passed by the International Ballet studios, and she decided to enroll my sister and me in ballet classes. I was always a performer at a young age, but I was immediately drawn to dancing because it allowed me to express myself through a different, more universal language. I was a quiet kid, so even when I was young, I always appreciated how dance could bridge barriers and evoke emotions that words simply could not produce. 

What inspires you to be a professional dancer?

The values I received from my family always inspired my mentality growing up in dance, and they will continue to do so throughout my dance career. I learned the importance of supporting others, building a community, and appreciating the journey. My teacher at International Ballet, Vlada Kysselova, taught me what it means to work hard and how to approach life with full care and effort. My fellow dancers at BSA inspire me today as a professional because I am constantly reminded of the great love, determination, and perseverance we all share. Every dancer at BSA brings their own unique strengths into the room, and I have learned so much from them already. Lastly, I am constantly reminding myself that being able to share my love for dance with the world is a gift, so I strive to approach every day with that mentality. 

Why did you choose Ballet San Antonio?

I chose BSA as a professional company because when I went to audition, I could see myself really growing and thriving in the environment Sofiane Sylve had created. The possibility to work with Sofiane as a director felt like a dream, and the repertoire at BSA spoke to me as an artist. Since being at BSA, I feel very challenged and inspired by all the company artists, and it is a positive atmosphere that pushes me to become the best version of myself.